Mental Health Awareness Questions (Jacob T.)

The last week of mental health awareness was really tough for me so I wasn’t able to post this questionnaire. I want to post so we can have the opportunity to tell the story just like everyone else has.. Enjoy family #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike” -Erika Star

1. How old were you when you realized mental health was a thing?

⁃ Early-mid 20s

2. Did your parents have any mental issues from your knowledge?

⁃ I went to therapy when I was around 10 because my parents were going through a divorce.

3. If so, how was it growing up ?

⁃ I was fine honestly

4. What hobbies do you practice to keep your mental in tact?

⁃ Going for walks, watching wrestling, playing video games, engaging with friends, watch ASMR videos.

5. What does mental health awareness mean to you?

⁃ Mental health is very important to me. People don’t realize the long term effects. I was bullied growing up and that’s when my anxiety started. It’s created a fear in men (which is why most of my friends are females) and I grew up being shy and lonely. This caused me to be scared of life in general. Basically little things can lead to bigger things that can lead to serious health issues.

Twitter: JTalbott89

Instagram: JMTalbott1989

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