August Update

Hey Everyone!!

Here with another update! I know it’s been a while, but ya girl been busy haha. Hope you enjoy my quick listen. I think I’m getting better on the microphone too! #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

Blog Update

Hello everyone. I’m posting in the middle of the night because I cannot sleep. Police brutality needs to stop. Innocent black people are being killed every single day. It’s scary to think that every time a story like this comes out, A lot of people don’t see the harm in it. No matter what we do, we’re constantly being attacked and killed like we’re animals. We can’t even jog in our own neighborhood, shop at our local stores, or even live in the comfort of our own home without being attacked and murdered. We are constantly being micromanaged on how we handle things and try to get justice. We try to kneel down and peacefully protest for a few years and was constantly criticized. Nothing has changed since that has happened and we are really angry about it. Now we fight. For any protesters, people that are donating, and people that are advocating on social media I would like to say thank you. Thank you for not only standing up for what you believe in, thank you for standing up for what’s right. I made an audio updating the status of my blog and the mental health awareness post that I have left. I promise I will get my last few out in the next couple of days. I hope that you understand that this time is not easy for me. I’m still trying to heal from everything that’s been going on. Thank you for your patience and be safe. All lives can’t matter if black lives don’t. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

Mental Health Awareness interview with Semaj & Draya (Black Ink Chicago) Part 1

Hello guys! My brother interview Draya from Black ink Chicago using our mental health awareness questionnaire! He also answered the questions. I really enjoyed this. Here’s the first part. I’ll upload the rest once the website allows me to haha ❤️ #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

Part One.

Mental Health Awareness Questions (Jaleesa)

1. How old were you when you realized mental health was a thing?

⁃ I was probably about 11

2. Did your parents have any mental issues from your knowledge?

⁃ As far as my dad no…but my mother was sent to a mental hospital at the age of 9.

3. If so, how was it growing up ?

⁃ I was mostly raised by my grandmother, my parents were around but….not full time parents.

4. What hobbies do you practice to keep your mental in tact?

⁃ Smoke weed, meditate, listen to music, make sure I take a mental day when needed, meditate in the shower is one of the best ways for.myself to mentally cleanse.

5. What does mental health awareness mean to you?

⁃ Mental health awareness to me is, knowing it’s ok if you’re not ok. Awareness is knowing when you’re coming to a tipping point in your mental health and sought out ways to try and stay afloat if possible.

Instagram: @iigotthajuiceee

Mental Health Awareness Questions ( Destiny E.)

Instagram: @destiny_xs

1. How old were you when you realized mental health was a thing?

I was in elementary school when I realized mental health was a thing. I grew up in foster care, so my mother made sure I saw a therapist to help us understand our situation a little better, and It kind of helped with other issues I had as a child. I didn’t think of it as something helpful until my father, sister, and uncle passed away and I didn’t know how to cope.

2. Did your parents have any mental issues from your knowledge? 

I’m uncertain if my foster or biological parents had mental issues diagnosed by a doctor. However, my foster mother did show very clear signs of depression.

3. If so, how was it growing up ?

My mother didn’t know how to handle her emotions so she would slip into a state of depression where she would either distract herself with work or stay in the room for days. My brother and I were oldest so we spent most of middle school and high school taking care of the other kids in the house. Cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, etc. It was confusing sometimes because one moment she would do everything for us and the next we were left to take care of everything on out own.

4. What hobbies do you practice to keep your mental in tact?

I rock climb, hike, plan international trips, personal research, read, try new things/ food, and when I feel like I’m overwhelmed I sleep or listen to music.

5. What does Mental Health Awareness mean to you?

Giving people the proper tools to help themselves or the people around them. Assuring people that Mental Health illnesses are very common and that we are working on coping mechanisms that cater to every type of person.